Artistic Methods

I have studied in depth the masters of the Italian renaissance and have a working

knowledge of their techniques. After many years of experimentation and production I have

developed my own methods and style which combine ancient and modern.

I begin with an image either taken with a camera , drawing , watercolor , or a combination

making the image as clear as possible. All of the elements are employed, color, texture ,form,


Color is used to emphasize contrast of hue, line for delineation, texture for richness, form

to create definition, tone for balance and light. These formal elements are executed with simple

means. Tools used are brush, paletteknife, sanders, scrapers. There are many layers of paint,

the first are sanded back to maintain a smooth clear surface. The next layers are brushed,

scraped and pulled over the surface to reveal the complementary and analogous colors

beneath. This creates a colorful, vibrant , textural surface,and produces movement.

These same tools are used to execute different motifs, such as landscape, figurative or

florals. The final aim of my work is to produce art that is interesting, different and has

lasting aesthetic value.

Leonard Brett